Atlanta Youth Kickboxing Classes

Beginner Youth Kickboxing Classes Enrolling In August

Are you looking for a great kids’ activity that will give your kids a healthy workout and a release for all of their pent-up energy? Your kids will have the time of their lives in the youth kickboxing classes at Power Up Martial Arts!

When your kids learn kickboxing at Power Up Martial Arts, you can rest assured they’ll be getting a workout unlike anything they can get anywhere else. And we guarantee they’ll enjoy every minute of it! Our black belt instructors make it fun for kids to learn this time-honored martial art because we teach kids all the classic kickboxing moves that will have them spinning in a swarm of powerful punches and swift kicks that kids love!

And as your kids learn kickboxing at the hands of our world-class instructors, they’ll be learning critical self-defense skills that no child should be without!


When you enroll your kids in the youth kickboxing classes at Power Up Martial Arts of Atlanta, you can be sure they’ll learn all the classic kickboxing moves from the cross power punch to the roundhouse kick, and everything in between. But with each new youth kickboxing class your kids take, they’ll also enjoy a whole host of other great benefits. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect for your kids:

  • They’ll develop amazing coordination and balance
  • They’ll gain a life-long appreciation for physical fitness
  • They’ll learn bully-busting self-defense skills that will keep them safe
  • Their attitudes will improve as their self-confidence skyrockets
  • They’ll develop leadership skills and strong character traits


Give us an hour a week with your child. We guarantee you’ll be amazed by the difference our youth kickboxing classes can make. After just a few classes, you’re bound to notice positive changes in your kids. From improved fitness levels to stronger self-confidence and self-assurance, we guarantee you’ll love all the changes in your kids—and they will, too!

With youth kickboxing classes at Power Up Martial Arts enrolling this month, there’s no reason to wait. And, for a limited time, we’re giving you even more reasons to get your kids started. That’s because we’ve put together a great deal when you register today.

To learn more about this amazing offer, just take a moment to fill out the short contact form on this page. When you click ‘submit’, we’ll show you all the details and give you everything you need to get your kids started in the action-packed youth kickboxing classes at Power Up Martial Arts!

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